Slipstream JK (2 Door)

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This all-inclusive secure cover system is made for the Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU from 2007 to present day. It is made of thin gauge steel and is fully powder coated. If you are looking for a secure storage system for your Wrangler, look no further!

Slipstream XL Benefits:

  • Covers entire cargo area for your 2 Door Wrangler with a very sleek, highly functional rear cargo security enclosure
  • Beautiful design is made from thin gauge steel and is fully powder coated
  • Fits snug to optimize the space and openness to avoid unused pockets or dead space
  • Easy to install
  • Once installed, it takes very minimal effort to breakdown (just a few minutes)
  • Provides complete privacy without making it difficult to access belongings when needed
  • Easy access door behind back seats
  • Cover folds up completely and stays out of the way
  • Cover is removable to leave at home when carrying oversized cargo
  • Divider also folds down or can be removed when carrying oversized cargo
  • Carpet OK
  • Rear seat recline kit must come out because the Slipstream uses the entire space starting behind the backseat for the optimum amount of room


Specs & Details:

The Slipstream XLS has a vertical wall that sits behind the rear seats and supports two horizontal C channels. These C channels hold a removable lift panel that is held in place with 4 quick release pins. They are only accessible from access through the tailgate.

There are side wing panels that fit tightly around the roll bar and follow the contour of the body for a perfect fit. This system was designed to be used with or without a top in place. Run it with the top on or off.  Access is through the tailgate and now can be accessed behind the seats.

Secure all your summer gear without having to worry about them being stolen.

The removable panel can be tilted up, removed and locked in a vertical position if you need to carry tall items. Secure anything you need like never before.

Additional slotted fence plates mount on top to incorporate stacking of equipment on top up to 250 pounds safely. The mounting brackets and C- channels allow for strong, secure mounting of the lift panel. The structure on the underside of the lift top is staggered to fit current industry molle panels for additional secure storage.

Customer Reviews

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Not quite softtop friendly

An addition to my earlier review is that on the 2 door at least you can not put the softtop down, the top bow's need to drop into the body near the wheel wells and can't. It's kind of a big deal to me and wish I had known beforehand.
I still like the unit and will have to just use the sunrider only.

Great addition

Very nice quality item. It came well packaged with good quality hardware and was fairly easy to install, it took me a little over 3 hours to install. I've had it in for 6 days so far and happy with it.
I balked at the price but in the end I think it was worth it. The fit and finish are very good also


Slipstream JK (2 Door)

Very well made

I'm very impressed of the fit and finish of this product. The thought that went into the design is amazing.


I've had it on for 2 months and I've been doing so much more with my Jeep and i love it.

It's very well built. I have 2 JL Subs that I don't want to be seen and now i can hide them and somehow this thing doesn't rattle when I'm blasting em. Couldn't believe it