Diabolical Inc has questioned the standard and re-defined quality. We bring only the best products to improve your lifestyle. Our company was founded to set new standards for products of extreme use—for the expert to the novice.

My name is Alan, and I'm the owner and developer at Diabolical. My career started out on the path into Drafting and Architecture, but I wanted more of a challenge. So I turned to aviation starting with the US Air Force and the F-15 Eagle. I have 30+ years with Military and Corporate aircraft experience. While working with the most advanced technology and tooling, I wanted to develop my own tooling and designs.

If you want to see incredible designs, close tolerance fit and finish, and the highest quality materials, look no further than aviation. I always wanted those key attributes in my own vehicles, but I never found anything that fit my personality and demands. The Slipstream storage systems were my first designs. Something to carry my own gear for work and for play. This is my aviation version of an “Aft Baggage Compartment." Extremely lightweight, multi-use, safe and secure.

One size DOES NOT fit all. That's why our unique design at Diabolical Inc allows for installation in almost any type of vehicle—car, SUV or truck—with multiple sizes and features as standard.

We pay very close attention throughout all phases of the design process and ensure we're using the best materials to maintain a higher standard than what's expected, “average” or “normal."

To quote my favorite Oakley slogan, we're “disruptive by nature."

Diabolical Inc will continue to develop products that surpass your expectations to best fit your lifestyle and demand for quality. We will continue to raise the bar beyond the horizon with each new product we create. Demand better, that’s our motivation. Watch what comes next!

 - Alan Huggett, Owner and Developer