Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure - JL (2 Door)

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This all-inclusive secure enclosure system is made for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door from 2018 to Present. It is made of thin gauge steel and is fully powder coated. If you are looking for a secure storage system for your Wrangler, look no further!

Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure -JL Benefits:

  • Covers entire cargo area for your 2 Door Wrangler with a very sleek, highly functional rear cargo security enclosure
  • Works with Hard Top and Soft Top
  • Beautiful design is made from thin gauge steel and is fully powder coated
  • Precision fitting to optimize the space and void unused pockets or dead space
  • Easy to install
  • Once installed, it takes very minimal effort to breakdown (just a few minutes)
  • Provides complete privacy without making it difficult to access items when needed
  • Easy access door behind front seats
  • Cover folds up completely and stays out of the way
  • Cover is removable to leave at home when carrying oversized cargo

 Specs & Details:

Click here to check out the Slipstream installation video for a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JLU 4 Door (JL 2 Door is Similar)!

NOTE:  The Rear Seats must be removed for this application
NOTE:  Forward wall does not Fold Down like the 4-Door Models

The Slipstream has a vertical wall that sits behind the front seats and supports two horizontal C channels. These C channels hold a removable lift panel that is held in place with quick release pins. They are only accessible from access through the tailgate.

There are side wing panels that fit tightly around the roll bar and follow the contour of the body for a perfect fit. This system was designed to be used with or without a top in place. Run it with the top on or off.  Access is through the tailgate and now can be accessed in a centered panel behind the seats.

Secure all your summer gear without having to worry about them being stolen.

The folding top panel can be removed or locked in a vertical position if you need to carry tall items. Secure anything you need like never before.

Kit comes with tie-down rails that mount on top to incorporate stacking of equipment up to 150 pounds safely. The mounting brackets and C- channels allow for strong, secure mounting of the folding top..

NOTES: All of our Slipstream products do not come with the hard top bolts.  If you have a soft-top only, you can procure these bolts locally for just a few dollars, however, they are not required, and Slipstream will be secure without them

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
JL 2 Dr. Slipstream

Packaging is superb. Powdercoat looks great. Had 1 small issue during install but Alan responded quickly to my email and I corrected my mistake. It looks and functions great, I love it!

Amazing product but horrible instructions

The product itself is quite remarkable. Its fit and finish make it look like a factory option. It's extremely solid and it's blatantly obvious it will hold up for the life span of the jeep. However, the instructions that were provided were for an older CJ (best I could gather from reading them a million times during install) but between myself and a very well versed and certified mechanic, we got it installed in about 4 hours. There were pieces and steps specific to the JL 2 door that weren't even mentioned in any of the instructions or any videos online. There is alot of trial and error and having to disassemble and reassemble, etc. Do not tighten anything until fully finished, it will help drastically!!!! Once complete, it's the coolest, most useful mod I have done this far. The gap behind the front seats leave enough room to drop either the two freedom hard top panels, or the three piece soft top sides/panels safely for top down storage. Overall, if these guys spent the time to put QUALITY instructions it would go a long way.

Great product but issues with my car..

Great product but unfortunately my jeep had issues to remove the rear seat and was not cover by warranty. I never got the product at home and I returned it while it was on Fedex hands. Now I am waiting for the reimbursement of money. I appreciate to have response when I get it. Thanks.

Small issue, but satisfied

The wing wall bottom secure plates were different never mentioned. I have 2018 Jeep Wrangler 2 door Rubicon JL; it took me 30 mins to figure it out. I also had a hard time installing the wing frame and fork in the vehicle frame with the foam strip. Left it above ....beside that, love it thank you

Single Man Install of Slipstream XL Into 2019 JL Rubicon Hard Top

Went slowly with install over 4 days/ 2 hours each day. Installed the Slipstream over a Weathertech full length floor mat and I also have the Jeep Trail Rail Cargo option so had to install the multi-bend bracket under the right side rail using the rearmost floor bolt. Fits like a glove! I didn't install the Slipstream's cargo rails for a 'clean' look, but might add them later if needed). My process: 1) Removed the 8 x hard top bolts (nuts are fixed to Jeep body so no worries). 2) Unplugged the top. 3) Got in the back of the Jeep and hunched under the top, lifting the hard top approx. 2 inches on each side as the side panels were easily worked around the rollbar and into the sides between the top and the body of the Jeep, with the 'forks' under the skins also being worked under the lip of the Jeep body. 4) Made good use of a 7/16" crowfoot wrench (with no extension) for wrenching in tight areas. Excellent to now have a place to store my recovery and camping equipment. Thanks to Diabolical, Inc. for designing and supplying this fine cargo storage solution.