Slipstream MOLLE Panels

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These MOLLE Panels can be riveted or bolted unto all slipstream 2 piece tops.  Slipstream units shipped after May 2019 are pre-drilled for these MOLLE panels.  All MOLLE Panels are pre-drilled, so if you have an older top, it will make it simple to align and drill holes for installation.   

These MOLLE panels will help in strengthening the 2 Piece top to increase its load capacity on top of the slipstream unit.

Enjoy keeping your trail gear organized above your camping gear, or simply out of the way of anything you may put in your secure storage system.

Customer Reviews

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The only thing that kept this from a 5 star review was the lack of Screws to install the Molle Panels onto the slipstream unit, and the lack of instructions. Granted, its pretty self explanatory but with as wonderful as the instructions were for the slipstream unit (a solid 5 star product), and the fact that all the hardware needed for the slipstream was included with extras, my expectations were set pretty high. The Molle panels unfortunately had no hardware, nor instruction on the recommended hardware to install the panels.
Great materials, great packaging, easy order fulfillment. Overall, very done.

Perfect product, well built and outstanding customer service

My time with Diabolical has been great. I had contacted them to see if they could Offer a solid rear panel instead of one with a window and they sure did. After a few emails my purchase was made and couldn’t be happier. Customer service is top notch and the product arrived very nicely packed. So well packed it took a bit to get it all unpacked.

The install went great and everything fits perfectly. I could not be happier. Well worth the money and better than other similar products out there

Also recently bought the Mille attachments and love them. They help organize my cargo area

Jeff L.

It's diabolical!

Very good accessory for the slipsteam

Great addition

Really enjoying the product was a little hard to get into some of the tight spaces around the subwoofer to get some of the nuts tight but once it was installed it’s a great system put a cooler on for a camping trip put a couple scratches from the rocks that were in the wheels of the cooler when I slid it across the top of it so wishing the paint was a little more thicker or made of something little more durable thinking about going over it was some kind of truck bed liner to make the finish a little more durable, I see some rust setting in from the wash down after the camping trip, so going to clean that out and touch up the paint and go form that. Other then the few little things It does what it’s supposed to keep people from being able to get into my trunk or anything like my tool bag out of my trunk, I broke a hinge on the install let them know about it as soon as it happened and one was sent to me in the mail right away customer service is great product great two thumbs up


Great product, easy to install. Directions were very easy to follow, and the one line video was also helpful.